By Aly

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Steamboat.

Advantages of the Steamboat...

  • Steamboats can accomplish impossible tasks at incredible speeds.
  • People didn't have to walk anymore.
  • You can go across water.
  • Your travel time would decrease.
  • Cheaper than wagon travel.
  • Led to job creation.
  • Led to the invention of the submarine, nuclear powered ships, and cruise ships.

Disadvantages of the Steamboat...

  • Steam pollution is very dangerous.
  • It was very expensive to build a steamboat.
  • Since steamboats required burned wood for fuel, a lot of forest became deforested.
  • Most steamboats were destroyed by boiler explosions, or fires, and many sank in the river.

How does the Steamboat relate to North Dakota?

The Yellowstone Steamboat.

The steamboat Yellowstone relates to North Dakota because it was the first steamboat to travel into North Dakota on the Missouri River. There is a park in North Dakota called "Steamboat Park" it is located right next to the Missouri River walking trail. Steamboat Park includes a 60 foot Replica of the Steamboat "Yellowstone".