Severe Weather

By: Sydney Simmons

What Are Hurricanes?

A large storm that forms over warm ocean water withe very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the center or eye of the storm

WOW fact

Hurricanes can last over a week and can sometimes be called a typhoone or cyclone

Safty Tips

stay away from windows and get away from the ocean


What Are Tornadoes?

A small funnel shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud

WOW fact

Tornadoes are very quick. They last 10 minuets to an hour

Safty Tip

stay under a hard surface or in a ditch


What Are Thunderstorms?

A severe storm with lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and strong winds.
Hail may also form

WOW fact

lightning from the storm is actually shooting up rather than coming down

Safty Tips

Stay inside and away from trees