Rock and Roll Smore Flyer

By Hudson Brock

The Beatles

How The Beatles changed music

The Beatles were numerous things all the while the most celebrated famous people of their day, the best lyricists of their age and, at last, the most cherished band ever. The Beatles were additionally the most innovative single power to ever hit prominent music. The band has affected eras, and still keeps on having a significant effect. The Beatles have not just changed music; they have forever modified the way music is made.

How they were uniquely talented

They each had their own voice and a different skill to use it, but in a way they all sounded similarly. They each had something to offer to the group whether it was playing guitar, drums, or singing. They used their creative minds to sing differently as well as make their music differently than other musicians at this time.

Summarize the Roots of Rock “n” roll/Rhythm and Blues

Rock and roll rose as a characterized musical style in the United States right on time in the mid-1950s. It got most straightforwardly from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940s, which itself created from before soul, boogie woogie, jazz and swing music, and was likewise affected by gospel, nation and western, and conventional society music. Rock and roll thus gave the principle premise to the music that, subsequent to the mid-1960s, has been by and large referred to just as rock music.

What makes the beatles popular today

Their unique sound and many fans still alive today that have passed their music down to their kids and grandkids have kept their music alive today. While some of them like Paul McCartney are still alive and performing today giving us something to remember of The Beatles most of them are dead, but they live on inside.

Most popular songs

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Don't Let me Down, and A Day in the Life are a few of their many famous songs.
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