Henry Ford

by: Anderson Lovell, Luke Creech, John Pajerski


Henry Ford wasn't the first person to make the automobile or the assembly line. Henry Ford just took those ideas and revolutionized (reinvented) them forever. Henry Ford wasn't a major company owner that didn't care, Henry Ford would go above and beyond the safety standards and working condition. Henry Ford would almost double the wadges ($5 per hour!). The Model T was for the rich when it first came out. However, because of the assembly line Henry Ford was able to produce Model T's faster and cheaper to bring the market price down so most people could afford it. Even kids! Changing mobility forever.

The Risk

Henry Ford was a revolutionary person in transportation. He revolutionized production and made it faster for people to get around the world. Henry Ford Influenced other car makers to make automobiles faster, with more capacity. Henry Ford was supposed to follow the foot steps of his father and become a farmer. "But young Henry was fascinated by machines and was willing to take risks to pursue that fascination." (thehenryford.org) Henry Ford was willing to take risks. That payed off because little did he know that he would change transportation forever. Henry Ford made the biggest risk of his life and spent it all on the new automobile company. If this idea of Henry's didn't work he would have wasted his life savings and be bankrupt. He bought a small building big enough to make a few automobiles and name the company Ford. Building these automobiles was not easy and Henry Ford wasted alot of time and money on the idea until he got it. He had made his first automobile, but it wasn't over then. Henry Ford didn't make the Model T and just stop there. Henry Ford made the automobiles faster, which would make and cheaper for the general public. He also made the cars faster, bigger, carry more etc. so that investors would invest in the company and help him expand it for more people an automobile.

The Change

Henry Ford changed transportation forever. We still use the same idea of pistons and crank shafts. Ford has built the automobile over 100 years ago and look at the cars now. Henry Ford took big risks and never gave up. He had the will to try and try in hopes of a better future and to revolutionize transportation. Most of the things would not look the same without cars because the cars are what transport us and many different things. People have fallen in love with cars. People upgrade them and enjoy them and imagine if they were never made. Cars has came a long was and has advanced greatly. Where will the cars be in another 100 years? All we can do is imagine.

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