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Discounts !

  • A percent of the money taken from the bill.
  • A percent off of the original price.

Mark-ups !

  • Selling for an additional amount to make a profit.
  • A percent of a number in addition to the cost.

Commission !

  • Money made off of something.
  • Percent of a number

Taxes !

  • A percent of what it's paid for.
  • Tax deductible.
  • Tax return varies.
  • States may very.

Tips !

  • A percent of bill paid in addition to the bill
  • 10% ~20%


Taxes and TIps example !

I went to limbos for my Birthday & I ordered homemade lasagna and mozzarella sticks . My bill was a total of $11.75 the tax is 6.75% so with tax my total is $11.81.

My waitress did a wonderful job so I tipped her $1.81 a 10% tip.

The total cost was 13.62.

Discount example !

Journeys was having a 50% off sale on there Uggs. My Uggs were $220. My total was $110.

Commission example !

I'm working at a bakery over the summer and I earned 15% commission on my sales

My sales were 900$ . I earned 135 $ commission.

Mark-up Example!!

My bakery buys Royal icing for 15$ an ounce . I sell it for a markup of 10% . So the royal icing would be 19$ with mark-up.