The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Created By: Maya Deane

Book Summary

Jonas has been selected as the receiver of memory for his community. In this community its a perfect society, where nobody has feelings and everybody has precise language. When he is in training he finds out more about his community and how it used to be. Jonas will attempt to help his community by going to elsewhere.

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas is an intelligent, courageous boy with the Capacity to See Beyond in the novel. He has been chosen as the new receiver of memory, which allows him to receive memories and help the elders with decisions. After his training has started Jonas's world changes. he becomes a close friend with the giver and risks his own life to save his community.

Teacher-like questions

How does Jonas friends affect who he is?

How has the giver influenced Jonas into seeing how the world really is?

When the community sees the memories, do you think everything will change?

Overall Rating

I rated this novel 4 stars. What I liked about The Giver novel was that it was very interesting and it made me want to read more but I disliked that the end of the novel ended opened ended because I would have liked to know what happened.