Multiple Sclerosis

Michael C., Nikole M., Matthew S., and Jessica Y.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Who is Susceptible?

Those who have had Multiple Sclerosis in previous family members are more likely to acquire the disease, though it is commonly diagnosed in those aged 15-40.

Risk Factors


  • gender
  • where you live
  • ethnicity
  • smoking etc.


  • Disease Modifying Therapies:capable of changing the course of the disease; used to slow the distance
  • Relapse Management Therapies:steroid medication used to decrease severity of relapses/attacks
  • Physical Therapy-used to help patients maintain normal quality of life

Medical Technology used to Diagnose MS


  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans to detect damaged tissue in the brain
  • EP's (Evoked Potentials) detect how fast the Central Nervous System reacts to small stimuli (electric shocks)
  • spinal top-usually used when MRI and EP are ineffective(rarely) needle is injected into spine and cerebrospinal fluid and is tested

Famed Canadian Scientist Researchers

Allison Kraus PhD student checked a mice's inability to use its limbs-Studying the camexon gene. Allison Kraus was born in Regina.