Small People Live Large

Catie Cornell 6-7

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In the story Freak the Mighty, Freak knows that he doesn't have a lot of time to live so he lives life to the fullest when he can. He does it by turning houses and swimming pools into castles and moats. "You think that you're just walking up and down this ordinary sidewalk and really your crossing this dangerous bridge. The kind made from vines that hang way up in the air over a deep canyon, thousands of miles deep. And Freak makes it seem so real that you get dizzy when you look down and you fall of the sidewalk." (Freak the Mighty, pg 48)

Reflection and Application of Theme

I like this theme because it means live large. I think that our generation could use this because we sit inside on electronics all day. We need to get outside and do something, be important, make a change, stop rotting our brain. I think it would be amazing if everyone was to live life to the fullest because I don't know a single person who lives life to the fullest and does what they want to do. So live like Freak, Live large. I think the reason the author had this theme was to give us hope because if Freak could do it then we could. "I'm telling tales, my dear, not lies. Lies are mean things meant to destroy, and tales are meant to entertain." (Freak the Mighty, pg 95)


The first place you in is this crummy old neighborhood. The first people you meet are Max, Gram, and Grim. Then you meet The Fair Gwen of Air and Freak. When Max first meets Freak, Freak starts yelling that the "Earthling" (Max) better run, so what does Max do? he runs back home to the down under, his room. The book Freak the Mighty is a good book, it has a twist ending and it is a sadder story. You should stop reading this flyer and read the book.