VCR 4 Presentation

(Huzzah for vocabulary!)

Fill in the blank

Marie's schooling in theatrics was ______________ to her new job as a sales representative that required her to present in front of groups of business leaders.


adj. Promoting; contributing (used with to); helpful

Roots: DUCO, DUCERE, DUXI, DUCTUM <L "to lead" and CON, CUM <L "with"

Alternate Forms: conduce v. ; conduciveness n.

Related Words


helpful, useful, favorable


useless, worthless, adverse

Multiple Choice

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

(a) The harsh, fluorescent lighting was not at all conducive to the warm and inviting atmosphere that the store wanted to create.

(b) In her chemistry class, Sarah learned that metals are very conducive of electricity.

(c) Disruptive classmates make for an environment that is not conducive to learning and force the teacher to stop teaching to deal with their outbursts.

(d) Gardens at monasteries are known for their conduciveness to meditation and relaxation.