Join the Fight Against the British!

A concerned colonist's view

We have been unfairly taxed!

The British government has decided that it is okay giving us, the colonists, unfair taxes, and with them, they have imposed unfair importation agreements upon us that have led to our failing economy. Brothers, I ask you to join us in our non-importation agreement and unite against the British by refusing to accept their overpriced and unfair goods (Articles of Association).
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We have been oppressed in the British Parliament

For years we have had little to no representation in the British government, and those we have had to speak for us do not have the current state of affairs in the colonies. Not only can we no longer stand to be neglected, but we must also fight for our right of self-government. We can no longer stand idly by while a government of another country tries to control us 6 months behind (Plan of Union).
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If you don't work, you don't eat

Our first colony, Jamestown, was founded on the principle that you must work in society in order to eat. You must put forth the work in order to reap the benefits. Why then, would the British government decide it would be okay to quarter their troops in our houses, our homes, eating our food, while we are the ones providing for them. We must push back against these oppressive regimes!
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We are not Britain!

Britain, the country that is suppose to protect us, brought wars to our country. Wars that have destroyed our land. Wars that can no longer be tolerated. These wars are not ours to fight, they are Britain's, and these wars aren't hurting them, they're only hurting us.
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We have been denied our human rights!

The British have taken away that which makes us human, our rights. They have taken away all that we have for themselves, but they can not take away our spirit, our drive, our will. We must unite against the British and give back to the people what they've lost, their freedom.