Whats Your Type (ISFP)

Destin Williams

Description of your personailty type (ISFP)

  • Have no desire to lead or control others. Needs space and time alone.
  • They care about others, they are likely to show their love through actions.
  • They do not give them self enough credit.

Does the personality type describe you?

The personality type ISFP does describe me. It says, that we have no desire to lead or control someone, and i have no desire to lead or control anyone. We often need space and time alone which is very true because I spend most of my time alone. ISFP's often care about others and show love through action. When you love someone or something it's always better to show it instead of voicing it.

Common Traits

  • Their strong value systems can lead them to be intense perfectionist.
  • They judge themselves with unnecessary harshness.
  • Can be very warm and sympathetic.