"Put your weapons to the side" - Dani Autumn Alyssa Inala

The song for Rwanda *beat from Boyz N The Hood and Eazy-E*

Back in 1994 when it all went down Hotel Rwanda was we're the people were bound with war going on between things 1 and 2. Africa was heading downward in a spiral loop uh.

This genocide lasted for about 4 months and all the while the UN acted like chumps coming and going they were helping when they wanted to but "their people's" lives came first they were the "peace keepers" troop

"Solo" Now to make sure this doesn't happen again *what, what* D double A I is here to fill you in every time you view this commercial $1 is given to a non-profit organization who puts the money in a savings account that was made so that in case another genocide occurs we'll have enough money to provide armed forces to go and keep it from evolving into anything like the genocide of Rwanda.

Ways to help Rwandans

1. Make new laws talk to congress with a certain tone and I would certainly get what I want the law would be that no Hutu can take advantage of a Tutsis just because of their ethnic group. 2 no Hutu will own a machete for any concern. 3 No racial distinguishes

2.Fundraising raise money for Hutu and Tutsis orphans in need how make an important call to the UNICEF organiization and they would help this organization.

3. Commercial DAAI commercial all youcan give counts every donation will go to the DAAI every dollar will save an innocent child's life reach in your purse or wallet and look for spare change every penny counts.

4. Symbolism look at your local goodwill or Walmart and pick up a small purple ribbon representing Tutsis and hutu's coming together let them be recognized take a stand.

5. Website team up team up with saveachild.org and come together and find a solution to this huge problem.

6.Put up posters around your local area or neighborhood showing that these Rwandans need help ask caring volunteers to help out.

7. Make T shirts for the Rwandans this shirt will be white and the logo of it will have some weapons being pushed to the side on the front and on the back it says "DAAI put your weapons to the side don't start no genocide!"

8. food drive to help the orphan Rwandans in need form a group of people together find a national bank that is willing to help and we can have these drives every Sunday this sends the Rwandans food and water when they need it .


Give us a call every call counts and so does every penny