John Brown

"The meteor of the war,”

Early Life

John brown was born on May 9th 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut he was a Calvinist an worker to do the tanner. John would watch enslaved African- American's be beaten then go follow them an make his own abolitionism. he then started his own family that kept growing. (

How do you know he was against slavery?

John Brown was very well against slavery. He had a very good plan to stop the slavery from happening around the world. He got a group of his men and workers and came up with a plan. His plan was to go sneak around when none of the slave owners were around at night and arm all the slaves with weapons and supplies so that the slaves could go attack the people that are holding them and help out the other slaves that were in danger. While they were trying to do this John Brown got captured during the attack and they took him away but he then got out soon after when it was over with. Not only did John Brown go against the law or anything but he went by peoples back who were really close with him. But Johns whole plan was a success he made the plan work and he actually gave the slaves weapons so they could take power for once. Johns only did this to make the country a better place for people to live in. Everyone was gratefully happy afterward. (

Major Accomplishments

Some major things/ events that got accomplished was slavery. Slavery is a big thing. And its finally over. John made sure he got the weapons to the slaves to escape and for them to attack.


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