Turkey Trot Take It Off

Join us!!

Turkey & Dressing, Potatoes & Pie OH MY!!!

It's that time of year again!!! Time for the TURKEY TROT TAKE IT OFF!!!

We will all be doing an 8 day challenge together that starts on Nov 20 thru 27th and Day 9 (cheat day) will be Thanksgiving Day!!! I have a secret group on Facebook to add you to. Who wants to get lose weight/have energy/feel great before Turkey day? Join me in an 8 day group challenge! We are going to be supporting each other! All of us will start on the same day and we are trying to beat the record for most pounds lost in a group challenge! (last year's results---The 78 reporting people who did the Thanksgiving Transformation 8 Day Challenge lost a total of 541.4 pounds!
Untold inches lost, many headaches went by the wayside, energy was up and cravings were down! The health benefits inside their bodies were just beginning!!

I have a special for anyone purchasing a Ignite Kit or larger to get started!!

The deadline for ordering will be on 13th...so everyone will have the products and are ready to start on the 20th!

Turkey Trot Take It Off

Wednesday, Nov. 20th 2013 at 6am

This is an online event.

For more Info on the Xyngular Products go to www.crazy4xyng.com