nothing but me


keyston rivera

i've lived in two citys my whole life crockett tx and huntsville tx. i'm curently studying to become a chef. my personal style of cooking is bold but sutle. i've been cooking since i was 4 years old my great grand mother started me my grandmother inspired me to become better and my mother enjoys my creations. i live with just my lil bro and mom. i have an older sister that dosn't live with us. i cr3eative write a lot when i'm in a mood or get imspired from peples daily actions. most creative peaces are highly liked and earn awards. my most fondest memorie is when i was when i was six and i made my first bunt cake for my old church.

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my liltle brother that lives with me. he is a band student at mance park at the beggining of my senor year he will become a freshman. he wears glasses and loves the color green. he often refers to him self as my rival for our fav game pokemon.

lavada owens

my mother. works tdcj east town unit for 10 years now. has put up with me and my lil bro for sixteen years. sleeps a lot and works night shifts.

desia rivera

my older sister she lives in dallas tx. we have diffrent moms but same the same dad. she the slow but quick person.

joyce jakson