My Journey Back To The Blitz

Soccer has never been better since.

The Switch

I can describe my soccer life in one word, crazy. Not only have a switched teams three times this season, but I also am getting a new coach and I'm playing with a few new girls. Life is great, soccer is better. Here's what happened. I finished my old soccer season needing change and a different environment. I thought this change was going to be going from the B team to the A team. But when I got that email from the soccer association saying that I made the B team, I was almost to the verge of tears in a soccer field parking lot. I knew that at that moment I was going to have a make a decision, go to the 56rs or stay with the team I needed a minor break from. I realized that night that change is good and that I should switch, so that's what I did.

The Conflict

Soccer was great with my new team, no I mean life was great with my new team. That was until I noticed that my coach likes to pick favorites. Halfway through the season I noticed this and started actually trying to see if this was true. It was. My coach never said my name during games, or practices. I felt like I didn't belong on the team that I loved at the start. When it was indoor soccer time, the whole situation got out of hand. I felt so self conscience about how I played soccer that I believed that I was the worst player on the team. My mom and I realized that this whole soccer situation was getting out of hand when I refused to go to a soccer camp and bawled explaining everything. Not only was this situation hard for me, but it was hard for my mom to see me this secluded and tired of not being treated right.

Taking Action

Enough is enough.