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Math in Room 17!

Hi everyone! I want to welcome you to this exciting year in third grade math! Here are some things we have been working on, as well as some links I have shown in class that the kiddos might want to watch again.

Unit 1

To begin the year, we dive right in to multiplication! We have been working on learning all of our facts from 0-10. Please practice facts with your child often. We have 1 minute multiplication drills 2x a week, and we are working toward becoming multiplication masters! All who have become masters will have a pizza celebration party in November. So far, we have done our 0,1,2,5,9, and10s. Next week will be 3s and 4s. The week of Oct 19, 6s and 7s. The week of Oct 26th, 8s and doubles facts. Special honors go to all students who also demonstrate mastery on 11s and 12s!

Here are some key words for the unit: array, zero property, identity property, commutative property, factor, product, fact family, distributive property.

Unit 1 TEST NEXT WEEK! Thursday!

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 1pm

room 17


This is a paper test, with some multiple choice and some 'explain your thinking" problems!

Also: Keep reviewing those math facts! Some children are forgetting their 2s and 5s even though they passed those tests!


Please encourage your child to access Dreambox whenever they wish! Try for at least 1 x a week! We will be using this program at class as well when the devices come. The students know to sign in with their bcpsone log in ( it's inside their agenda books) and how to access the program. Thanks!


Click below to see the songs we have been sharing in math!
Schoolhouse Rock - 3 Is A Magic Number
Multiplication Fact Song- (9 times tables trick using fingers)
multiplication song- trick for learning 7 x 8! (new version)

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