News of Persecution Today, Monday 10th October


Many Christians are dying because they are standing up for their belief or their religion. 250 million Christians are being killed in most likely communist countries or Islamic countries.

  1. WHEN: Persecution started in 97 CE in the Roman Empire
  2. WHY: persecution happened because the government didn't like what individuals wanted or believed in
  3. WHO: 250 million Christians are being killed per day, because of what they believe in ,and they don't bow down to the other types of religion. They stand tall and don't cower.
  4. WHERE: Everywhere mainly communist countries or Islamic countries because mainly they are one religion who want everyone to be a their religion but if someone is Christian they don't like it and persecute the Christians.
  5. HOW: They can be tortured, shot, hanged, and many more ways of being persecuted.