Special K



The cereal that started it all, Special K™ Cereal. A deliciously crunchy multi-grain flakes made with rice and wheat and not only it is less than 3 % fat but it's a great source of 6 essential B vitamins, vitamin C, D, and iron.

There's So Much To Gain With Special K

It's time to change the way we think about weight loss. It's not just about the pounds and inches we want to lose, it's the positive feelings we gain that are so much more rewarding.

Now we have a full range of delicious foods you can enjoy throughout the day, with over 10 flavours of breakfast cereals, sweet snacks and even savoury crisps.

Special K Logo

A logo is the visual symbol of an organisation or brand. Its function is to create a long-lasting, recognisable impression on the mind of a potential client or customer.

It helps to build a brand and communicate with the target audience as they are a fundamental part of a company's image and key to marketing success, so their quality is of highest importance for any business.

Special K use the same Kellogg's Logo with the same colour and font. However, the "special" in Special K is in blue to represent a more healthier option and the "K" is enlarged from the orginal Kellogg's company logo.

Special K Strapline

A strapline is a type of catchphrase for an organisation. Its purpose is to make existing and potential customers more aware of who the company is and what it does.

A good strapline will be remembered, and will mean that people are more likely to remember the company when they want products or services that the company provides.

Kellogg's use the strapline, "The trouble is they taste too good", which represents the brands of the Kellogg's company, including Special K. "They're Gr-r-reat!" is also used to attract customers to buy Kellogg's products.

Special K Endorsement

Endorsement marketing is when famous or reputable people recommend an organisations product or service to others.

An endorsement can increase sales fast, as it gives credibility to a company's product or service. People will usually believe a person they trust, who is not related to the business, before they will believe a representative of the company.

The celebrity Gabby Douglas who is a Olympic gymnast was on the cereal boxes of Kellogg's products. This made the company more successful as more sales were made.

Special K Sponsorship

Sponsorship is where an organisation supports an event, activity or another organisation by providing money or other resources that are of value to the sponsored event.

This is usually in return for advertising space at the event or as part of the publicity for the event.

Kellogg's also sponsored Boomerang, which is a popular kids channel. The aim was to make children understand the importance of breakfast so they can eat and enjoy the products of Kellogg's.

Special K Packaging

Packaging is the enclosing or protecting of products for distribution, storage, sale and use.

They have a role in physical protection of the product but they also present information with regard to disposal and storage of the packaging. Packaging can also encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

The first ever cereal box that Kellogg's made had come from 100% recycled paperboard. Kellogg's cut down the waste of their products by making the packaging of the Special K cereal sustainable.