J & J Tire Company

Jacob Butler, Jarred Akers

Six business activities.

Generating Ideas- Here at J&J Tire Company we sell great tires. But what makes these tires so special? Well, the tires have fantastic grip, and you can customize your tires with designs or colors of your choice. To test out the market for competition, we bought a tire from all the tire selling companies in the area and compared the grip and quality to our tires.

Raising Capital- All of the money that goes into this business comes out of our pockets.

Employee & Training- Before we hire anybody they have to go through an interview. After they are hired, they have to go though training. They are trained by one of top employees.

Buying Goods and Services- Since we are a manufacturer, we have to get our tires from another company. They put all of the color on it and make the tire have its amazing grip, and we put the design on it by engraving it into the tire.

Marketing Goods and Services- We advertise in many different ways. One way is by newspaper. We also put up flyers in gas stations and other convenient stores.

Maintaining Business Records- We will track all of the business records using quickbooks.

About our Partnership

Why we chose a partnership.

  • We chose a partnership because it was easy to start.
  • Also, we got to split the profits what ever way we wanted to.


  • You get advice and ideas from multiple people instead of your own.
  • Each partner is responsible for actions of all partners.


  • There is no protection over personal property.
  • If a partners dies or leaves, the partnership is over.

Mission Statement

With vision and insight J & J Tire Company is committed in becoming a global leading company, by making the best quality of products for our customers.

Recorded Mission Statement