Learnin' Gimme Smore

Online Campus-Based Professional Development


The purpose of an online campus-based professional development is to engage teachers in technology-driven professional learning in a manner that encourages implementation to improve instruction.
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What do you mean by campus-based?

Campus-based means that we are creating the learning modules in-house on topics that support our campus action plan and our classroom needs.
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What motivates teachers to try these in their classrooms?

By completing our learning modules online and implementing the strategies in their classroom, teachers are able to earn Learning Credits that can be used towards using one of the January PD days to a work in your classroom day. The classroom implementation will need be observed for credit.
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What platform is being used to build the learning modules?

The platform that we will be using to build the modules is Smore. Smore was chosen for its user-friendly capabilities and its ability to easily redirect all the resources needed for teachers to implement the learning in their classroom with the click of a button.

How do I get credit to be able to have a workday during January PD?

To receive time to work in your classroom, you must earn 9 credits. 9 credits is the completion of 3 modules. To fully complete a module, the Professional Development Credit form must be filled out individually with detail, effort, and professional integrity. Reflections will be reviewed prior to the distribution of certificates at the beginning of the professional development day in January.
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  • One module must be completed from the Literacy bank.
  • Activity from one module must be selected for classroom implementation the PD form for credit will give implementation options.
  • This is not a day off....it is time to work in your classrooms. You must be on campus.

What are my options to get classroom implementation credit?

  1. I would like to showcase my class though a Focus walk with Instructional Coach or Administrator. (Admin or CIC will make contact with you to set up a date.)
  2. I would like to video my class and present artifacts as evidence (Admin or CIC will make contact with you to set up a date to assist in video.)
  3. I would like to present my artifacts and reflections in a department meeting.(If you choose this option, check one of the below dates)

  • 1/25 Department Meeting
  • 2/1 Department Meeting
  • 2/8 Department Meeting

How long do I have to complete these professional development modules?

Deadline to complete 3 professional learning modules is January 3rd @ midnight! Submission of the credit form will not be available after that date until we return from break.

What happens if I do not complete all the modules needed to earn a workday prior to the deadline?

You will not earn a full workday, and will be required to complete a total of 4 professional development learning modules during the regularly scheduled professional development day in the computer lab. You will not be released to your classroom until these modules are completed to fidelity.

What if I put a lot of effort into my answers and another teacher writes a couple of sentences or copies and pastes to complete the module?

The goal of this site and its learning is to be able to provide teachers with the opportunity to add instructional strategies to their toolbox while providing autonomy to choose the learning that will most impact instructional practice. The Professional Credit Forms will be monitored to ensure that they are completed with professional integrity and reflect authentic learning and reflection.