By,Daisy Hersel

The New Horizons

this little rocket thing has been flying by pluto for 178 days that is amazing to me.the distance from pluto right now on jan. 8. 2016 is 212,291,853. the mission of the elasped time is 3640 days 22 hours 14 minutes now at 11:14 p.m. here a school.

My Debate Of Pluto.


i still dont think that it is far to still not let pluto be a planet.i think that pluto should come back to be a planet because people tha were here before me said that pluto was still a planet when they were in high school .the thing is that i never got a chance to learn more about pluto because now it is a dwarf planet now. so i think that we sshould give pluto a chance.

Facts of Pluto

Pluto was actually discovered in February 18,1903.

The radius of Pluto is 737.

It's been a dwarf planet since 2006.

The gravity is 0.658 m/s2.

The discoverer was Clyde Tombaugh.

It orbits the sun.