CPR Certification


Why get certified?

Getting certified is an easy process for only 20-40 dollars for a positive long term result and a life to save in your hands. You never know when something will turn for the worst maybe a car accident or even something as simple as a man collapsed in a grocery store. Being CPR certified gives you the honor to save a life one day or at least always be prepared!

Who should you expect to be certified to perform CPR?

Although being certified in CPR is an option for most people, for some it is not. People who are certified in CPR include the paramedics. life guards at any local or major pool of water parks, teachers or day care teachers, and many mothers. These are the key occupations that are mandatory to be certified in CPR however many other jobs may recommend or require CPR certification.

Where can you get CPR certified?

Getting certified can be easy! Get certified today at your school by your school nurse, go to your local swimming center to get certified or go online and search local places where you can go. Remember to bring money- cheaper at school only $10!!!