Jacky Sanchez

About me

i have an older brother which graduated last year class of 2014

I love anything r&b, Justin Bieber, ed sheeran

i love olive garden a lot

I had a really good childhood with loving family and a good home

I really love pinnochio and all disney stuff because it just makes me smile

And i really love my family

February 5,2002

Info creds to: mom

It was 7:05 when i was born

My mom didnt get to hold me until 10oclock

It was snowing the day i was born

About 2002

The world population was 6.2 billion.

The super bowl winners were the New England Patriots.

Bout 2002

The president of the united states was George Bush.

Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize for chemistry in 2002.

Ed sheeran

Real Name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.

Ed was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

He's known as an English singer-songwriter

He calls his fans ''Sheerios"


I was really cute back in the day.