Title I Stakeholder Input Meeting

Elkins Pointe Middle School - March 26, 2019

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All Parents, Families, Students, Teachers/Staff, and Community Members Welcome

Please Sign-In & Take and Agenda/Hand-Outs!

Title I Stakeholder Input Meeting

Welcome to ALL

  • Parents & Guardians
  • Teachers, Admin & Staff
  • Students and Family Members
  • Community, Faith-Based & Business Partners
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Map It Out Input - Meeting Details

Presented by:

  • Assistant Principal for Title I
    • Title I Budget FY17 - Approximately $224 K * Spent on teachers to lower class size, Professional Development for TAG, AVID
    • 2019-2019 School Improvement Plan - On the Website
  • Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles, Title I Parent Liaison
    • School-Family Compact
    • Parent Improvement Plan
    • Parent Resource Center & Parent University Workshops
    • 1% Budget and Carry-Over Funds
    • Building Parent and Teacher Capacity
    • Collection of Input for the 2019-2020 School Year


    • Agenda for Input Meeting
    • School-Family Compact FY19
    • Parental & Family Engagement Plan FY19
    • Map-It Out for Feedback Form
    • Evaluation & Annual Parent Survey

Please take an Agenda & Handouts

Let's Get Started!

Explanation of Title I School-Wide Program

  • What makes EPMS a Title I school?
  • What is the purpose of the Spring Input Meeting?
  • What benefits does Title I bring to EPMS?
  • What is a Parent Liaison?
  • What are the benefits of Title I, and who benefits?
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“Map It Out” Input

  • Please Locate your “Map It Out” Input Form
  • We want your input, name optional, initials requested.

Using these data points, please tell us how we can improve our program:

  1. Accessibility (i.e. Language barriers, times of meetings for working parents)
  2. Jointly Developed - How to include all of our school community
  3. Parent Engagement - Getting Parents into the classrooms and to come to Parent Workshops, Title I Annual Meeting
  4. Opportunities for Consultation - Giving Input (i.e. Title I Input Meetings) and feedback throughout the year.
  5. Building Staff Capacity - How can parents partner with the school and teachers? What would parents like to communicate to teachers and the school?

Help Us to Review & Revise:

2018-2019 Documents for Revision:

  • School-Wide Plan
  • School-Family Compact
  • Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Share the Power and Jointly Decide using “Post-It-Note” Input

  1. School-Wide Plan and the Parent & Family Engagement Plan
    1. Joint Decision Making, Sharing Power & Advocacy
    2. 2-Way Communication
  2. Compacts
    1. What is a Compact?
    2. Parents, teachers & students Agree to:
  3. Title I Budget - %1 Percent Set-aside & Carry-Over Funds – How should we spend out funds?
    1. On staff & teachers
    2. On resources
    3. To remove barriers (e.g., childcare/transportation)
  4. Building Staff Capacity
  5. Parent Resource Center & Title I Parent University Workshops
    1. What topic would make you come to a Parent Workshop?
    2. What obstacles are in your way?
    3. Facebook Live and Webinars - Do they help?


Please complete an Evaluation form!


To help us improve this meeting next time!

Ask Us!

Also, please use the Evaluation sheet to feel to ask a question, to locate a resource or for a connection within our school. Title I Parent Liaison will be happy to call or email the answer. If she cannot answer the question, she will locate a person who can help get you pointed in the right direction!

Would you like to know more about Title I?


Email: Lisa O’Hanlon Cowles at ohanlon@fultonschools.org

For More information on the Elkins Pointe Title I Program,

please visit the Elkins Pointe website, Title I Tab.



  1. Please complete a paper survey OR
  2. Or use the link to this online survey: HERE

Part of the Title I Input process is to get as much parent feedback as possible. Getting feedback both vocally and in writing is an important part of the process. Input is collected from our school community. We need input from our parents, students, teachers/staff, business partners and the community.

Join Us After the Morning Meeting...

Please stay after the morning meeting for a Parent University Workshop at 9:05 AM.
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Thank you for being part of our School-Community Team!