Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Bailey Snell


My name is Bailey Snell and today is the day that me and a scientist from my lab have unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source. For the last few years we have tried multiple things to try to figure this out but today we finally figured out the missing puzzle piece! We have discovered that we can take the Nuclear Fusion that is generated by the Sun and bring it to Earth.

How does it produce energy?

Here on Earth we can take Nuclear Fusion heat that it gives off and it is then compressed by gravitational pressure and compresses nuclei which releases energy.

Fission Vs. Fusion

Both Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission release energy. Fission is the splitting of larger atoms into smaller ones as Fusion is blends the smaller atoms together.

Safety concerns and precautions

  • Radioactive waste
  • Release of tritium

Economic impacts

Energy rates: Cheap and affordable

Conventional energy markets: Cheap and always have full access

Future prospects: No limitations