Come to Jupiter

Where the temperatures are low, and the prices are lower!

We Welcome All!

Jupiter is the perfect, unique vacation trip for your family. Our partnership with Intergalactic Airways has made it possible for you to travel at only $3000* per person! We offer many attractions for our customers at a discounted price. The amazing 63 moons on Jupiter have newly opened theme parks for your kids! When you book now, you can buy an exclusive family package to experience everything you'll want on Jupiter**!

*with the purchase of a week-long stay at one of our many hotels

**more information below

The Facts

  • Jupiter has 63 known moons! The most known ones being: Lo, Europa, Ganymede, Castillo
  • It's the fifth planet from the sun, so it's about 483,800,000 mi away (from the sun)
  • Jupiter is very large; It has a radius of 43,441 mi and a surface area of 23.71 BILLION sq miles
  • It takes about NINE years for Jupiter to orbit the sun
  • As I mentioned before, it's very cold because the average surface temp. on Jupiter is about -128 degrees Celsius

We've Made it Habitable!

Our Revolutionary Oxygen

For billions of years, no one ever thought Jupiter would be habitable due to its lack of oxygen. But we've changed that! We've selected an elite team of scientists to build portable, filtered oxygen tanks that are stylish and light!

H2O Miners

Through Jupiter's thick ice layer, we've found a way to melt a safe amount and it is now titled "The Best Water in the Universe" according to Hydro Magazine! The best miners were chosen to drill through and drain any use-able water. So next time your drinking a bottle of our water, or taking a refreshing shower, just think of the hard work those miners put into it.


From our professional Japanese sushi chefs, to famous Italian cooks, our restaurants have been given Three Michelin Stars for their high class, variety of dishes and food. Restaurants to suit your kids' appetite are offered. Like our most famous one: Cheesy Grill, with everything cheesy from pizza to pasta.


All of Jupiter's hotels have been rated at least 4 stars because they're all run by the same amazing company (us!). Every single hotel has at least two gravity-free pools (aka giant bubbles of water to float in!), IMAX theaters that have 4D experiences of the space beyond our knowing of, and shuttle that take you to your desired location, including all 63 moons and their theme park.


Single Suite with Standard View- $700 a night/per person

Double Suite with Standard View- $750 a night/ per person

Family Suite with Special View (of the sun)*- $820 a night/per person

*special sunglasses come with the room


All of our moons have now opened theme parks! Each one is themed differently and free hover-train rides are offered to get to the best time of your life!

What To Do

Terms & Conditions

We are NOT responsible for any death, injury, brain damage, unknown galactic diseases, or contagious alien diseases caused to you from coming to Jupiter. We do not consider you come if you are preganant, over the age of 84, have motion sickness, or have Astrophobia.

DEFINITELY do NOT come if you have any of the following diseases:

  • The Flu
  • Measles
  • Hepatitis
  • Malaria
  • Polio
  • Influenza
  • Chicken Pox
  • Small Pox
  • Monkey Pox
  • ANY Pox

To fly to Jupiter, you trip will take approximately 6 years but gases have been infused into the air, to sleep through most of your luxurious trip. (Separate papers will have to be filled out to confirm your approval of breathing in these gases.) In addition to that, a 258 page contract will have to be signed, approving that you will not sue us for anything that happens to you on Jupiter.

I agree

*If you do not agree don't bother calling our agency