Patrick Henry

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1. On May 23rd Patrick Henry did his "Give me liberty or give me death"speech so he could free Virginia from the king of England.

2. On December 1st, 1763, Patrick Henry fought for the Farmers because they were being arrested Just because they had no money. This was called the Parsons cause.

3. After Patrick Henry freed Virginia from the king of England the US started making the Constitution. Patrick Henry got scared that something might happen so they made the Bill of Rights.

4. Patrick Henry was the governor of Virginia.

5. Patrick Henry helped many slaves through his speeches by giving them liberty.


1. Patrick Henry is a great man because he saved many slaves with his speeches.

2. Patrick Henry must be very brave because he went to so many places and did really long speeches in front of so many people.

3. Patrick Henry has to be very good at politics because he got elected as governor.

4. Patrick Henry is a great person to be one of our founding fathers because he gave many slaves liberty.

5. I think Patrick Henry might have just proved that the world is one big happy family after all his speeches.


1. Patrick Henry was born on May 29, 1736 in Hanover county, Virginia on a tobacco plantation.

2. Patrick Henry liked fishing and loved hearing the birds sing, he knew how to imitate a Mocking bird imitating a Blue Jay.

3. At age fifteen Patrick Henry opened a countryside shop.

4. A few years after Patrick Henry opened his store he married Sarah Shelton.

5. As a wedding gift Sarah's father gave them six slaves. But a few years later a fire broke out in their house and Patrick let the slaves free.

6.After Patrick and Sarah's 6th child Sarah got ill and died.

7. Then, when Patrick was in his 2nd term as governor he Married Dorothea Dandridge, cousin of Martha Washington.

8. Patrick Henry's give me liberty or give me death speech was held in the St Johns church in Richmond which is located in Williamsburg, capitol of Virginia.

9. Patrick Henry's give me liberty or give me death speech was approximately 7 minutes long.

10. Patrick Henry died on June 6, 1766 at age 63 because of cancer.


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