LHS Update

December 11th, 2017

9 More School Days...

With the holiday season upon us, many of our evenings and weekends will be spent getting ready for various celebrations. While some may see visions of sugarplums, Liberty's students continue to have equations, essays, science, and history dancing in their heads. Please remember to include study time in your holiday planning - at least until December 22!

Finals Fall Semester

Students, please pay close attention to individual final times. This may cause a change in your daily routine (ex. release time, tech students, etc.).

Wednesday 12/20 FULL DAY (2nd-hour final only)

2nd Hour 8:05 - 9:30

* You will visit every class today at a shorter length in order to allow for the standard final time for 2nd hour.

Thursday 12/21 HALF-DAY

1st Hour 7:15 - 8:42

4th Hour 8:47 - 10:12

(Grab and Go Lunch) 10:17 - 10:33

5th Hour 10:33 - 12:00

Friday 12/22 HALF-DAY

6th Hour 7:15 - 8:42

7th Hour 8:47 - 10:12

(Grab and Go Lunch) 10:17 - 10:33

8th Hour 10:33 - 12:00

Printable Schedule

The Booster Club Needs YOU!

The Booster Club is in desperate need of volunteers to man the concession stand during the winter sports season. Please consider signing up to work a shift by clicking the red title above.

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City of Wentzville Partners with Test My Teen

The City of Wentzville has partnered with Test My Teen, a Missouri-based company run by parents who lost their son in 2016 to a heroin overdose. Through the partnership with Test My Teen, families facing drug abuse concerns may qualify to receive a free drug test kit. The goal of Test my Teen is to reduce the number of deaths caused by the opioid/heroin epidemic. To learn more and access resources, including FAQ's and a guide on how to talk to your teen, visit the Test My Teen website.


Visit LHStoday.org for news, score updates, polls, entertainment, videos and more! Below, is the latest video created by Meghan Coyle and Bailey Crow, for more videos created by Liberty's students CLICK HERE.
Crash Course Ep. 2

IGNITE Informational Meeting

Monday, Jan. 22nd 2018 at 6:30-8pm

Interstate Drive

Wentzville, MO

For more information please visit the Liberty High Website or the Ignite Website.

Class of 2018 Grad Night

Sunday, June 3rd 2018 at 9pm


Please visit the 2018 LHS Grad Night website run by your grad night committee for details and for information on how to pay. If you would like to be involved or have a question, please e-mail LHSgrads2018@gmail.com.