I wish

I wish I could draw good

I wish light sabers were real

I wish you could teleport

I wish unicorns were real

I wish I could eat whatever I want

I wish I was taller

I wish I could read a book in a hour


Snow is very cool

I like to play in the snow

Snow is very cold

I play games for fun

Video games are super

They are fun to play



He throws the ball

The quarterback throws it

The runningback carries the ball


I am

I'm happy and funny

I wonder what would happen if britin invaded

I hear the sound of rain on my roof

I see snow falling

I want a tv in my room

I'm happy and funny

I pretend Iam tall

I feel a notebook

I touch a desk

I worry a plane will crash into my house

I cry when a relitive dies

Iam funny and happy

I understand waffles are good

I say tacos are good

I dream pickles are good

I try to eat new things

I hope to be tall

I am happy and funny