Math Policies and Procedures

By: Allie Temple

My philosophy about teaching mathematics

First, math should be inclusive for all students. A good teacher can match his or her lessons to the level of each student. If there is an exceptionally bright child in the classroom, they should be given more advanced assignments to challenge their mind. Similarly, if there are students who are lesson adapt at mathematics, lessons should be adjusted for them as well. In this way, all students can proceed together, but at a level that is best for them. Math is also an active learning process. Students need hands-on activities as well as skill practices. Manipulatives that pertain to the lesson are especially helpful for children to visualize the concepts that they are talking about. When working with fractions, fraction circles help students imprint the value of pieces in their minds. Lastly, A math teacher needs to be especially engaging. Capturing the children’s attention is essential for comprehension. The teacher needs to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about teaching math in order for the students to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about learning math.

Homework Policy

Students will be assigned 5-15 math problems each night except on Fridays. All math homework must be done in pencil and all work must be shown. Students will recieve 5 points for every homework assignment based on completion. These points will factor in to their responsibility grade not their academic grade. (See grading policy for clarification). Students who do not have their homework completed will receive a working lunch to complete the assignment and 0 points towards their responsibility grade.

Classroom Norms

Absent Work

If a student is absent from class, it is their responsibility to find out what notes and assignments they missed from class. These assignments must be made up promptly for full credit. The number of days given to make up work is equal to the number of days absent. Please put the word ABSENT on the top of the assignments when they are turned in so proper points can be given.
Please put all Absent Work in the appropriate basket in the classroom.

Test Retakes

If a student does poorly on a quiz/test (72% and lower) they will get the opportunity to retake a similar test only AFTER completing additional practice tasks. If they “choose” not to do the tasks, which is additional homework/classwork on top of their existing work, then a test cannot be retaken. There will be a set day, designated by me, when this test will be taken.

Grading Policy

Students will receive 2 grades in math class, an academic grade and a responsibility/behavior grade.

Academic Grades are based on the following:

50% Tests

(including pop quizzes, benchmarks, unit assessments, projects, and performance indicators)

50% Daily Grades

(including daily assignments, group work, math journal grades)

Responsibility/behavior grades are based on the following:

50% Daily homework completion

50% Participation and being prepared for class.

Contact Info

Parents and Students

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns. I try to check my email before lunch and at the end of the school day everyday.

You may also reach me on my work phone at (262) 555-1234. Please leave a voicemail, I also check my voicemail before/during lunch and at the end of the school day everyday.