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Austria, Latvia, and Iceland

Travel Triangle

Learn all about these 3 beautiful countries! Find info on Austria, Latvia, and Iceland in this flyer then use your knowledge to travel the triangle of Europe!


The country of Austria is a member of the European Union. Austria is a Federal Republic currently run by President Hienz Fischer. The population is 8,221,646 with a GDP of $417.9 billion. Most Austrian speak German and practice the religion Roman Catholicism. When in Austria you should try the traditional meal of Rindsuppe (beef soup)! Maybe purchase a car from the famous Denzel automotive! Then possibly visit the historical monument Schönbrunn Palace and try to spot the 23 sculptures of deities and virtues.! If you have time, try traveling 449.4mi to Switzerland!


The country of Latvia is not a member of the European Union. Latvia is a Parliamentary Democracy run by President Arddis Berzin. Latvia has a population of 2,178,443 with a GDP of $28 billion. Most Latvians speak Latvian or Russian; since Russia borders Latvia. If you are traveling to Latvia I urge you to visit the Freedom Monument! It is a Large woman holding 3 stars, resembling the Statue of liberty. It was built during a brief period between wars in the 1930's. Maybe try some grey peas with bacon for a taste of the countries most popular meal! Then wash that down with a famous cup of Golden Coffee!


The country of Iceland is not a member of the European Union. Iceland is a Constitutional republic run by President Olafur Grimsson. Iceland has a population of 315,281 with a GDP of 13.04 billion. Most Icelanders speak Icelandic, English, or German and practice the religion of Lutheranism. While visiting the green hills of Iceland stop by the historical Reykjavik's Church of Hallgrimur! The church is incredible unique in it architecture and design! If you are hungry I recommend a Icelandic cocoa soup for a real taste of Iceland! Then listen to some of the famouse pop singer Bjok's music! If you feel like a long Journey try traveling to Greenland witch is only 752 miles away!