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March 2016 Issue One

Awkward moment of the month

Every month I will be asking my followers on Twitter to tell me about a socially awkward moment they have experienced. We will bond over these moments that everyone can relate to. I will do my best to "Dear Abby" a solution or offer a technique that would help in the future. This is the space to share and realize that we are all not alone in trying to handle some of those awkward moments. PLEASE send me your awkward moment for next month's issue. #awkwardmoment

Featured Tech Company of the Month

HOOTSUITE is a Vancouver based tech company that through its computer "dashboard" software allows users to manage all their social media accounts in one place. What is some of the secret to their success? Its their corporate culture that has a core value of FUN. The culture of the company is in the hands of the employees and any new guy/girl isn't the awkward new person for very long. They understand the work/life balance.
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What is improv? A description of games & terms.

This month's game: Big Booty!

This is a great energizer and impulse warm up. I use Big Booty as a positive way to get the people in my workshops into the idea of failing joyfully. This game helps to warm up those improv impulse muscles.

Students stand in a horseshoe formation. One person is named Big Booty and then the students, in clockwise formation, number off from 1 to however many there are.

Everyone starts to sing the Big Booty song...."Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty. Oh Yeah"

Big Booty starts by first calling their name "Big Booty" and then a number. The person who's number it is repeats their number then calls another number. This is all done while the entire group claps rhythmically to a beat.

If someone messes up then the whole group says "Ah shoot!" and then the person who messed up goes to the back of the line and everyone shifts down. The goal is to become Big Booty but it also is to realize its OK to screw up and have fun doing it.

In our everyday lives, we are all expected to be right, to always do well, and to apologize for mistakes. Big Booty is a fun, high-energy way to take us away from our daily lives for a moment, where failing is bad, and thrust us into the “improv world” where failing is joyfully celebrated.

What was hot?

Tweet me what year you were born and we'll take a look at what was the latest technology and what was going on in pop culture back then.

What was hot in 1975 you ask?:

"MITS Altair 8800 based on the Intel 8080 CPU was sold as a kit through hobbyist magazines. It became an instant hit and is considered the first marketable home PC. The operating system was written by a new company called Microsoft." (multimedia)

It seems Bill Gates was on to something.

Pop culture wise: Saturday Night Live launches. Little did anyone know the significance this show would have on our culture as whole and the multitude of careers it would start for many comedians, improvisers and actors.

Who knew Lorne Michaels would build a comedy empire.

Question of the month.

I am looking for people to Tweet me any kind of question they have about how to handle conflict or awkward situations in the workplace. You can ask me about how to talk to people or maybe you just need a fun party game. With almost 20 years of improv, theatre and stand-up comedy under my belt I feel I am the perfect go to person for any question you have about these situations. Let me know why you hate team building...

I look forward to your Tweets or messages.

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A message from me.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited about this newsletter and all the fun we are going to have sharing stories and learning new things. Improv is more than just something to watch at a theatre or on TV. It can really enrich your life and help you to think on your feet in pretty much any situation. Soon I will be graduating from college and I can tell you that improv has allowed me the confidence to make presentation after presentation without skipping a beat in all my classes. I really want to be able to show and tell people that improv or thinking on your feet is not that scary. That it is like learning a new instrument or learning how to write takes practice. Follow me or tell your friends to follow me on Twitter @techieprov