The Life of Shakespeare

By: Aidan Fichter


-William Shakespeare was born into a christian family and was baptized on the twenty-sixth of 1564

-Lived in a family with two older sisters and three younger brothers.

-Believed to have attended King's New School in his early years

-Never went to university

Elizabethan Culture

Shakespeare wrote hundreds of plays, some were and are more well known of than others. But what many do not know is that he was also and actor in a prestigious group by the name of The Lord Chamberlain's men. He and his fellow actors were frequently found acting in the many theaters that queen Elizabeth built. Later, Shakespeare's own plays would be viewed in those very rooms.

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theater was the main stage for Shakespeare's acting group, there he also premiered his own plays. Shakespeare was himself a share holder of the theater, holding a total of %12.5 or one share in it. The other share holders were composed of other actors, such as Richard Burbage.

Life in London

Shakespeare first began working in London as an actor and a playwright in 1588. Most of the plays he performed in had around 3000 spectators. Every day Shakespeare and his crew rehearsed a new play to perform in front of the crowd, so as not to let the audience become bored of repeats.

Popular plays

Out of the many plays that Shakespeare wrote, only some were seen as theatrical masterpieces. Though favorites varied throughout time, Hamlet is currently the number one play he has written. Thrilling readers and beloved by playgoers, few have left the theater or put down the book disappointed.

Other playwrights

No man is able to be great without competition, weather friendly or not it helps to bring out the best in us. Some of the most famous playwrights whom Shakespeare was up against and also worked with included Christopher Marlow, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Thomas Middleton, and Thomas Kyd. All of these playwrights had experience as playwrights and as either authors of books or acting. Over the course of thirty-six years these six playwrights were able to make over seventy plays that are still performed today.

Effect on the English language.

Most of the words we use today are just shortened versions of the words used back in Shakespeare's time. Such as thee and me, thee was just shortened over time into me. Shakespeare however, decided to create his own words and added approximately of 3000 words to the English language. Not only did the language that he nearly created become used world wide, his phrases did to such as "a foregone conclusion".

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