African History

By: Lily Blumenthal

Apartheid No More!

It is 1994, and Nelson Mandela has just been elected president in Africa's first multiracial election. Being Africa's first black president is quite an accomplishment, but that's not all Mandela has done. He led the fight (non violent) to end Apartheid, the segregation between Afrikaners and Coloreds, Asians, and Blacks. It led to Whites having all of the power and authority, while everyone else lived in homelands, went to the segregated areas around town, and carried identification. Nelson Mandela led many non-violent protests, but was put into jail. It was not until 28 years later when the president, F. W. De Klerk ended apartheid because of the protests and the non-apartheid country's embargos. Nelson Mandela was finally let out of jail, and is to this day Africa's first Black President.
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Colonization Map

After slavery was abolished, Europeans decided they should still use that area. The Berlin Conference was when the European powers came together in 1884 and partitioned Africa. African leaders weren't present, so only two countries on the map are independent (see map to the right).
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21st Century Africa Chart

  1. Kenya has the lowest death rate out of these four countries.
  2. Nigeria has the highest birth rate, and poverty rate. This probably comes from a high population.
  3. South Africa has the lowest birth rate, lowest amount of people without clean water, lowest am out of people without sanitation, and the lowest poverty rate. No apartheid has done great things to this country.
  4. Sudan has the highest amount of people without clean water and sanitation. This might have to do wit less water doing from the Nile River, and fertilizers in the crops.

African Independence Quiz

How much do you know about Independence in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa? Find out by taking this short quiz:

  1. Which country ruled Kenya before independence?
  2. Which Secret Society in Kenya fought against the British between 1952 and 1960?
  3. Who was Kenya's first President?
  4. What does nationalism mean?
  5. Did Nigeria get independence through violence?
  6. When did Nigeria become it's own country?
  7. What does it mean when someone is proud to live in Africa?
  8. Which country was in control of South Africa when apartheid was created?
  9. Who ended apartheid?
  10. Who was South Africa's first black president?

Quiz Answers

  1. Great Britain
  2. Mau Mau
  3. Jomo Kenyatta
  4. It is when someone has a strong pride in their country.
  5. No
  6. October 1, 1960
  7. Pan-African Movement
  8. Great Britain
  9. F. W. de Klerk
  10. Nelson Mandela