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Hero Teacher Sonya Romero

Educators: Filling Needs Whenever & Wherever Needed

The video above blew me away and yet, I see these kind of actions taken every day. No, we may not have anyone who has adopted a student, or taken them in for Foster Care, but I see the caring of our teachers daily. Making sure student needs are being met. Teachers going above and beyond to make sure students are fed, that they have a snack when needed or when they couldn't afford to bring their own, checking to make sure parents are aware of medications running low, linking them to resources when needed, promoting fundraisers for families, and just checking in with families when a child is seeming out of sorts. Thank you all for taking such amazing care of our students and for giving them the empathy and support they need each day. I am always proud and very impressed with the staff at all three of my buildings. Keep letting your passion for teaching and children burn bright.

Educator Effectiveness - The last video/PowerPoint in the Educator Effectiveness training series is now ready for us to view. We will be taking time on April 2nd to watch that video in the afternoon. I suggest we come back to Miller after the meetings at the High School (and a lunch break) then watch it together and get it out of the way. I will print off certificates for all those in attendance and the rest of the day I believe will be yours.

Miller's Rachel's Challenge/Compassion Project - I was looking through Jenna's e-mail and loved some of the ideas shared for our students to take part in. I am not sure if you have all been sharing other ideas or talking about those listed, you may have been responding to the e-mail and just leaving me out of it (which is fine). I just want to make sure we move forward as we are winding down to the end of the year. We all get busy, but it is important that we take advantage of this opportunity and that our students see the importance of Kindness and Service.

Kindness/Post-It Note Day - I talked with Angela Long about this idea and having our student council help lead this effort (which she thought was a great idea) unfortunately the day or days she was probably planning to meet with the kids and get them working on it were the days she has been out sick. We will be joining many other schools and celebrating Kindness day on Thursday, March 26th. The Student Council Kids will be going around and placing Post-It Notes with kind messages on them all around the school for students and teachers. We may need to provide the student council kids with a little time to get together and do this, but I will provide the post it notes and markers to do this project (unless Angela has already beat me to it). I will be making sure to get some pictures of it to share on Twitter, Facebook and our School Website.

Badger Exam - We are hoping to have the Badger Exam schedule out soon, although I can tell you it will be a little while yet for us. We are choosing to let TMS and LaGrange start the testing first to see how the system works and what kinds of kinks to possibly expect. We are also creating a schedule that will allow Theresa Payne to be in our building on the first day of testing for each class so that she can be there to help with any tech issues or questions the teachers may have. The one thing we need to make sure we do (together or on your own) is to watch the Test Security Video training on the DPI website and possibly one other video training. We can set up a time to have the 3rd - 5th grade teachers come together and do this or I can share the link and you can watch it on your own. Please let me know what you would rather do.

Blog Posts, Articles, Videos and more..... - I have attached a variety of posts, articles and more once again. While none of these are expectations for you to read or watch, they are often inspiring and help me to reflect on our jobs as educators. I share them only so you have easy access to the many resources I use to keep my passion ignited. Enjoy when and if you can.

#EdcampEC - I have posted the link to #edcampEC just below. This year it will be held at Chippewa Falls High School. Once again, I would highly encourage you to attend and benefit from this great workshop experience. It is also a great thing to add to your educator effectiveness portfolio in areas 4a and 4e.

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Calendar of Events


23 Tom Out All Day - Personal

BIT Meeting (DG) - Szeflinski @Miller Office (1:30pm)

Miller Chip Shoppe Assembly - Fundraiser Kickoff @Miller Gym (2:30pm)

Cancelled - Camp/Oak IRT/BIT Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

24 Tom Out All Day - Personal

Miller Staff Meeting - Willow Training w/Theresa P @Miller Library (3:20pm)

25 Tom - Lunch w/Oakdale Staff @Oakdale (11:30am)

Oak/Camp Staff Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm) - Willow Training and other agenda items

27 Miller Pastries w/Parents K&1 @Miller Library (7:00am)

Miller - Smiles4Life @Julie Zingler's Room

Miller PBIS Assembly @Miller Gym (8:30am)

Tom - Lunch w/Camp Douglas Staff @Camp (11:30 am)

30 - Camp/Oak Music Program @THS Auditorium (6:30pm)


1 Early Release Day

Camp/Oak Pinochio Play sponsored by PTO @Camp Douglas Gym (9:30am)

Teacher Grading Time (Early Dismissal - 3:45pm)

2 No School for Students

All District Staff Meeting @THS Auditorium (8am - 9:30am)

3rd - 8th Grade Badger Exam Training @THS Math Lab (9:30 - 11:30am)

Teacher Collaboration @THS Classrooms (I think) (9:30 - 11:30am)

Educator Effectiveness Final Video @Miller Library (1:00 - 3:45pm)

3 - 7 No School - SPRING BREAK

8 Camp/Oak Staff Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

9 District PBIS Meeting @RKLC (3pm)

10 #LoveMySchool Day - Share great things about your school on Twitter

14 Miller Staff Meeting @Miller Library (3:20pm)

Budgets are due to Building Principals (4pm)

IEP Meeting (RH) - Prise @Miller Office (10:30am)


I just want to give a Thank You to Sheila Tracy for always helping out. - Jackie F

I would like to thank to Camp Douglas/Oakdale PTO for hosting our Book Fair and for providing a wonderful meal for our Family Reading Night. - Carolyn M

Thanks to our dedicated teaching staff who provided different activities for students in each of their rooms during Family Reading Night. - Carolyn M

Thank you to Lynette for setting up a great potluck! - Jenna O

Kudos to the Sunshine Group for always doing such an amazing job on setting up our fabulous once a month lunches! A special shout out to Lynette who put out the delicious St. Patty's Day treats! You are a Rockstar Lynette! Thanks for all you do! - Shannon W

Kudos to Colleen Price for communicating with Smart Sand for their generous donation and for all she did in planning and organizing our Family Reading Night! - Debbie G

Kudos to Lindsey P, she is doing a great job with the Kindergarten kids! - Mary P

A HUGE KUDOS to Carolyn for all of her help at the Camp/Oak Bookfair! - Colleen P

I can't help it......I thought this was hysterical. (Make sure you read the subtitles)

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