Sir Tim Berners-lee

The creator of the internet

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Tim Berners-lee

Tim Berners-lee is the creator of the internet and is very famous because of this. Did you know, Tim Berners-lee received knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004, making him Sir Tim Berners-lee. He was born on the 8th of June 1955 in London. He created the internet in 1983.

Tim Berners-Lee is an IT whiz, just like Bill Gates (the richest man on earth).

He made the internet in 1989, so that means that the internet has been here for over 30 years!

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is still alive today, in his late 50s. He was born in South-west London 1955.

Here are some facts about Tim Berners-Lee!

1) He is English and has received Night-hood by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 making him Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

2)He was born in West-London 1955

3) He created the internet to mash information together