Teen Anxiety

Virginia Addis

About Anxiety

Many teens and children have anxiety. Everyone gets anxiety every once and a while, weather it be watching a scary movie or a feat of spiders. Anxiety disorder is different. Someone with anxiety disorder is always scared or have a fear about what will happen to them or what could go bad.


  • The amount of teens with an anxiety disorder has increased over the years
  • Anxiety affects 1/8 children and teens
  • Relationships between family members can affect a teen with anxiety
  • 80% of teens with a diagnosable anxiety disorder don't get treatment
  • 1 in every 12 teens feel self harm
  • A person with anxiety might also suffer from depression
  • 1/4 of teens will deal with anxiety disorder sometime during their lives
  • 1/5 teens who have an anxiety disorder get treatment
  • Anxiety can negatively affect a teens education