The Music of the Roaring 60's

By: Gavin Theiss-Coiteux

My own overview perspective

My topic is about the beautiful music of the roaring 60's, and not only in the U.S. but also in most parts of the world. The reason why I've grown interest into this topic is not only does it give us a beat to jam and dance to, its also given new types of jobs, and over the centuries music has influenced many generations and honestly I find that music helps with our emotions and energy. Music has always been shared with others, since Elvis Presley to Sam Smith, music will always be a hallway full of doors with each one holding something new and different, from guitars and drums to beats and drops. I believe that music sends postive and helpful vibes for ourselves and society. Without music we would not have so many wonderful bands and their songs. Music is a big part of life and society, as music is today much of it will probably change in the years that will continue, and as time goes on I'm sure that will not change the love for these connection of notes.

The connection to our present day

Although, not all, but some of the musicians from the 60's are still alive, music has changed since then but we get to see the points of view from different people and even different countries. Music is seen as not only a way to earn money but it also can be a way to show, sing, or even rap about how you feel about yourself or others, or maybe even a topic relating to society.

Music's Impact

Music has a humongous impact because not only has it helped improve most dancing, but it also has cultural and emotional impact. The music of the swinging 60's has changed, but society always seems to enjoy this change. Something new brings forth new opportunities with beats and screaming crowds. The love for music was there back then and I believe it will be here still in the far future.

Five Fun Facts

  • January 14: Elvis Presley is promoted Sergent in the U.S. Army.
  • February 6: Songwriter Jesse Belvin dies in an automobile accident in L.A; he was the co-author of " Earth Angel," The Penguins classic from 1954.
  • The Beatles were formed.
  • May 2: The Drifters' Ben E. King leaves the group and signs solo record contract with ATCO Records.
  • Many artist released much music including "Bonanza!" by W.M Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.
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The event that changed music

A huge event that hit music was Elvis Presley, king of rock"n"roll. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, since the beginning of his career, "it was Elvis who made rock"n"roll the international language of pop." They also described him as an " American music giant of the 20th century who single handedly changed the dance moves, attitude, and culture..." and not were his recordings, dance moves, and clothing interesting, but his music was as well, being heavily influenced by African American blues, Christian gospel, and Southern century, which all sent him to the top of the music food chain.