June TBO Update

"Closed mouths don't get fed"



Keeping a close eye on my problem Vendors

Biggest offenders for June were Ya (Los Angeles) and Ellison.

Vendor Relations Update

June VP Recap - 60 Total VP's

3 Biggest Categories:

  • Short Shipments - 17
  • Over Shipments - 8
  • Stains - 7

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Receiving VP's - May Vs. June

Short shipments sky-rocketed this month, but all other categories stayed roughly the same being that there were more of these VP's in general.

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Quality VP's - May Vs. June

There were less quality VP's in June. Our biggest issue is with the seams on the Ellison tops.

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Customer Care

Complaints/ Styles with Issues :(

*Although we love them, complaints regarding the Charter School Cardigans have been on the rise! Many customers note the seams unravel rather quickly, particularly with the Charcoal color path.

~Several customers have also noticed a bit of a fit difference between the colorpaths

*A HORRIFYING experience for one customer: Brace yourselves. After owning her Cherry Picking Top (an item still available and very popular) for 6 months, she cut the lining in her top as she felt something strange to reveal a dirty fingernail. Though I had not heard other complaints regarding this top needless to say, her experience was less than stellar and she was incredibly distraught.

~If you have access to Zendesk, please reference ticket 530734

*To reaffirm what quality is seeing, loose seams always seem to be an issue with our gals!

Enough bad.. Here's the good!

*As expected, customers love to see that there are more plus size pieces being added so often. Now with revamped size and fit guide, it should be easier for our girls to pick and choose plus with confidence! There is always and overwhelming thank you for our commitment to sourcing additional sizes

*With that being said, plus girls aren't the only ones who love ModCloth! While we offer a wide variety of size XS our petite ladies would love to see more options for them. Sometimes using our filters just aren't enough, they would like to see styles that are specific to more narrow frames.

*Customers can't sing our praises enough for the quirky prints we offer. Let's not forget about solids that are always a great recommendation when our girls want to revamp their wardrobes!