Board Game Bonanza

Term 3 2016 ECA

Are you bored after school finishes? Join the BGB Club for fabulous after school FUN!!!!!

Board games are a great way for children to develop concentration and strategic thinking while having fun at the same time. They aid in developing different areas of the brain and directly contribute towards sharpening the mind of anyone who plays them.

Board games improve a child's visual memory, attention span and spatial-reasoning ability. Since they require players to make a series of decisions, each move helps us to learn to plan ahead, evaluate alternatives and use logic to make sound choices.

Our IIS BGB club players will have the chance to learn the rules and the fundamentals of a variety of games – from scrabble to chess. This is a leveled ECA therefore more advanced players can hone their skills through practice and competitive games, and advance through to more complex games.

Board games:

· involve all levels of critical thinking (knowledge, comprehension, analysis and evaluation

· require forethought and cultivates visualisation skills

· improve problem solving skills

· encourage children to overcome the fear of risk-taking

· teach concentration and self-discipline

· enable children to assume responsibility for their decisions

· reward determination and perseverance

· raise self-esteem and promotes good sportsmanship

· encourage socialisation skills that extend across cultures and generations

Thursday, July 28th, 2pm

41 Sunset Way


Who: Enrichment to Grade 6 (minimum attendance 4, maximum 12)

Bring: A water bottle

Cost: $250.00