Arksego Nigeria Limited

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Built on Trust

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a security company that is built on trust. With offices all over the country, the company is committed to providing excellent security services for businesses and individuals. Integrity, trust, dedication and commitment are the hallmarks of the company, and its reputation for being one of the premier security companies in the nation is proof of the success of the company.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Leading National Security Company

Arksego Nigeria Limited has become one of the nation’s leading security firms. Since its inception 35 years ago, the company has been busy rising to the top by providing its clients with irreproachable security solutions. The company’s main clientele is from the banking sector, telecommunication sector, oil and gas industry, and select government agencies. The company provides state-of-the-art security solutions to clients all over Nigeria. The company is wholly owned by Nigerians, but incorporates the advice and expertise of expatriate professionals in the security business, which allows the company to provide a truly international service to all its clients.

With branches all over the country, Arksego Nigerian Limited has strategically positioned itself to offer a truly professional security service. With its many years of experience in the security business, the company offers practical and valuable advice to its clients. The experience the company has gained over the years also helps in safe and unique service that transcends the various cultures present in Nigeria. Nigeria, with its different tribes and rich indigenous cultures, requires a company that is fully capable of providing a service that is suitable for everyone and this is where the company has excelled. Nigeria is the seventh most populated country in the world, and the company’s growth during these last 35 years in the security business, shows the need for professional security companies in the country.

Arksego Nigeria Limited is poised to grow and expand more in the coming years because of its dedication and commitment to providing excellent security services across the nation.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Pepper Spray

Arksego Nigeria Limited’s foremost goal is to provide unparalleled security protecting the lives, reputation and assets of its clients. The company started in 1980, and since then it has built up a reputation for itself as a reliable, trustworthy and committed security company. Providing proper security for clients is the prime responsibility of the company. The company’s main clients are in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry requires extreme protection, especially in Nigeria where political instability and other security risks pose a serious threat to life and assets for those in the industry. The company has four main offices and five regional offices; training for the company’s personnel is conducted at the main office in Lagos as well at the five regional offices.

Arksego Nigeria Limited provides professional security services for individuals and businesses all across Nigeria. The company also offers the latest security products like metal detectors, armored vehicles, body scanners, stun guns, pepper spray and other security products. The company employs the use of pepper spray to ward of attackers as a means of self-defense. According to experts, using pepper spray is very effective especially when it comes to self-defense. The use of pepper spray is not lethal, but it is guaranteed to stop the attacker instantly, allowing the person to move away from the attacker. Pepper spray is also easy to use and poses no risk of injury to the user. The company’s expert advisers will recommend the best security systems that will suit clients based on their level of risk.