July Private Label Newsletter

Why Hello there!

Welcome to the July Private Label Newsletter! This was a slow product month, we have a few issues that are a work in progress that we will cover along with some snazzy customer feed back on our lovely duds, and a update from Vendor Problems!

Customer Care Update

We are noticing a lot of comments on sizing or fit being off while looking into reviews this month. Here are some examples!

Here are more styles that customers are saying that the sizing is off.

Count down to Casual
And Many More
Daily Dynamo
Up Up and Adorable
Poise and Click
Chalk of The Town
Stroke of Luck in Lilac

Now lets talk about Quality and FIT!

Quality wise we are still having issues with Sugarlips styles. We have a lot of WIP vendor problems for quality this month. So were looking forward to seeing a resolution for them soon!

On the FIT side, we are noticing the same types of FIT as usual. Running larger in the waist, or bust but fitting else where. Size XS is fitting very small and size XL is fitting very large, seems like there is a big jump from XS to SM, and LG to XL, which may conflict with the sizing up or down option.

With measurements our styles are usually not matching up with our size chart, either running larger or smaller, but will match with approved specs. Some of the items being approved don't fit into our size chart nor on person causing some issues, with any vendor send backs.

Vendor Relations Update!

July VP's

Yes Master (UPDATE) – 15 Total – 3/26 till Present

There were 16 total Yes Master VP's from March 26, 2013 to the present.

  • COO Tags say “Made in Europe” instead of “Made in Bulgaria” - 10
  • Missing hygienic liners - 4
  • Stains – 1
  • Product shipped to us with price tags - 1


The impact of styles arriving like this is huge. Most of these issues can be fixed in-house, but they take time to fix. We ask for a discount and issue chargebacks to help cover the cost of paying employees to tear off price tags or sticker product with the correct country of origin.

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