Fanny Pack With Smack

Backpack Materials for a Survival Kit

Some Helpful Things You Should Include

-Compass and Map, to find out where you are

-Match or a fire starter, to keep warm at night

-The match box should also be waterproof just in case anything happens to the box that everything is kept in

-First Aid Kit, clean injuries and stop bleeding

-Mirror, track down a nearby flying plane

-Flares, to track down a plane at night

-Survival Knife, to kill animals for dinner and also sharpen sticks for protection

-Multi-tool, has almost everything in it

-snakebite kit, to clean out any bites that you get from wild animals

-water treatment, just in case you are stuck in the water you will have clean and safe water to drink

-nonperishable food for desperate times

-machete, to cut down any thick branches that get in your way

-you should also always have a first aid kit

-the case should also be waterproof to keep all of the valuables dry on the inside

-survival kits come in a variety of sizes and prices but most of them get the job done