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Did you know that the lombards were like the normans, a small tribe that came from somewhere in the north of Europe and which seem never to have stayed in one place for more than one generation. instead they migrated and conquered tribes etc as they went about their travel.the last city that the Lomards had was conquered by the Normans and was used for their county of sicily.

Interesting facts of the Lombards

  • Initially settled in Pannonia by the Emperor Justinian
  • The last Lombard to rule as king of the Lombards was Desiderius.
  • Germanic tribe that originated in Southern Sweden

Alboin Bio

Alboin, (died June 28, 572 or 573, Verona, Lombardy [Italy]),

Germanic Lombards whose exceptional military and political skills enabled him to

conquer northern Italy.

When Alboin succeeded his father, Audoin, about 565, the Lombards occupied

Noricum and Pannonia (now in Austria and western Hungary), while their long-

standing enemies the Gepidae bordered them on the east in Dacia (now

Hungary). Astutely allying himself with the Avars, the eastern neighbours of the

Gepidae, Alboin defeated his foes and killed their king, Cunimund. After the

death of his first wife, he forced Cunimund’s daughter Rosamund to marry him.

Wars against the Gepidae probably resumed thereafter nonetheless.

Alboin assembled adventurers from other Germanic tribes, including some

Saxons, and prepared his combined forces, together with their women and

children, for a migration across the Alps into Italy, which was held at that time by

the Byzantines. The severely disorganized and generally unprepared provinces

in northern Italy offered little resistance to the invading Lombards. Having swept

through Venice, Milan, Tuscany, and Benevento, in 572 or 573 Alboin conquered

Pavia, on the Ticino River, the future capital of the newly

created Lombard kingdom. According to tradition, Alboin was assassinated by

order of his wife Rosamund after he had forced her to follow the Lombard custom

of drinking from the skull of her slain father; the Byzantines seem to have had a

hand in the plot.

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