The Application Process.

Jack Spray.

Fire Service application process.

The application process for the fire service consists of 5 stages (from what I've found). These are:

Stage 1 - Application form:

- Section 1: Personal Details.

- Section 2: Assessment of Personal Qualities and Attributes.

- Section 3: Additional Information.

- Section 4: References.

- Section 5: Our Values.

Section 6: Declaration.

Stage 2 - NFS tests - these tests are written psychometric tests of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, numerical ability and spatial ability. These tests involve:

- NFQ (National Firefighter Questionnaire).

- Understanding information.

- NFA (Situational Awareness problem solving test).

Working with numbers.

Stage 3 - Job related tests - There are job related tests to ensure that you have enough practical ability to use fire service equipment. These tests include:

- Ladder climb.

- Casualty evacuation.

- Ladder lift.

- Enclosed space.

- Equipment assembly.

- Equipment carry.

Stage 4 - Interview - the interview will normally be held at fire service head quarters.

Stage 5 - References and medical - the test consists of:

- Health questionnaire.

- Height.

- Weight.

- Blood pressure.

- Urinalysis.

- Eye test.

- Lung function.

- Hearing test.

Police Service application process.

The application process for the police service contains 9 stages (from my research). These are:

Stage 1 - Check out eligibility - people interested in becoming a police officer should first check their eligibility by reading the 'Am I eligible?' section.

Stage 2 - Attend a recruiting information seminar and sit a suitability test - attend a recruiting information seminar. They are usually held ever 6 to 8 weeks and depending on the size of the venue, it may only be advertised for a short period of time. During this, officers of the recruiting department will be able to explain the role of a police in detail and to then answer any questions. The suitability test usually consists of maths and spelling questions. The application form will be sent around 48 hours after the test has been completed.

Stage 3 - Complete a competency application form - Only application forms supplied by Leicestershire police will be accepted. The application form has been carefully designed nationally and has been pre-tested to ensure it is fair to everyone.

Stage 4 - Fitness test and assessment centre workshop - It is a good idea to prepare for the fitness tests that are coming up. Find out what the test involves.

Stage 5 - Assessment centre - assessments on competencies identified as being essential to the role of a police officer. These are:

- Effective communication.

- Customer and community focus.

- Personal responsibility.

- Team working.

- Respect for diversity.

- Resilience.

- Problem solving.

Stage 6 - Force interview board - It is a pre-requisite that you attend an interview with a panel of officers before joining the police service. The interview will normally be 2 members of the police service and will last about 45 minutes.

Stage 7 - Medical/eyesight/security checks - this is to look at the candidates medical and eyesight with our force medial advisor and nurse which may involve requesting previous records from your GP.

Stage 8 - References - If the medical is passed, references will be requested. The reference must cover 5 years and the police force will need to obtain a reference from your current or previous employer (after asking candidates permission).

Stage 9 - Appointment and 26 week placement at DeMontfort university, Leicester - once the recruitment stages are complete, a letter of appointment will be issued and information of the 26 week, non-residential placement at DeMontfort university.