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Romeo and Juliet's Death

The letter carrier killed Romeo and Juliet. After Friar Laurence gave Juliet the potion, Friar sent a letter to Romeo in Mantua.“To Mantua, with my letters to thy lord” (Shakespeare). (Act IV Scene I)Friar wanted to tell Romeo that Juliet was asleep and not dead.The letter carrier returned the letter.(Act:IV Scene: III )“Return’d my letter back” (Shakespeare).The letter carrier stopped to water his donkey and then saw that Romeo wasn’t there and returned the letter.

Letter's Journey

There once was a letter carrier and his donkey, he acted kind of funky. He stopped for the bathroom at an outhouse but forgot the letter he had left out. The wind blew strong that day, it even blew the bales of hay away. The letter went souring through the skies and landed in the hand of this one guy. He was also a letter carrier that had no barrier. For stopping he felt like he was going to get fired but he was going to keep going but he was tired. The wind cast it away once more and sat next to a kid that said "Who's it for?" It was for a man in the mountains and you had to go through the geysers and fountains. The boy couldn't get there, because of the peoples dare. The boy threw it on the ground and looked all around. He ran home and had to hurry, for his parents had to worry. From the horses and wagons the letter was pounded into the ground where the letter could not ever be found. The letter said DEAR JOHN, YOUR WIFE HAS DIED WHILE CHASING A MAN FROM STEELING HER NECKLACE. IF YOU WANT TO SEE HER FOR THE LAST TIME, COME TO THE CHURCH IN EVANSVILLE ON THE EAST SIDE OF TOWN. YOU WON'T MISS IT. FATHER, HARRY.