12 Questions: Freed-Hardeman

Answering 12 of the most asked questions from FHU students

Please join us as we kick off this wonderful event of answering real, spiritual questions!

Come hear the 12 most asked questions by FHU students answered from the Bible by students and faculty of Freed Hardeman! These questions will be answered:

"How do I overcome doubt?" -Austin Oakley

"Why do bad things happen to me as a faithful Christian?" -Nathan Diller

"Did Jesus always know he was the Messiah?" -Doug Burleson

Don't forget about the 6:30 session on Tuesday and the 10:00 session on Thursday!

12 Questions: FHU (Monday)

Monday, Feb. 29th, 6:30-7:30pm

FHU Old Chapel Hall, Henderson, TN


For more information, contact Tayton Everett at 123-456-7890

Events: The 12 Questions

Question: Why do bad things happen to me as a faithful Christian? Speaker: Nathan Diller

Question: How do I overcome doubt? Speaker: Austen Oakley

Question: Did Jesus always know he was the Messiah? Speaker: Dr. Doug Burleson

Question #6: What is the balance between grace and obedience? Speaker: Parker Pearce

Question #7: Why do you allow Satan to work evil in our lives? Speaker: Matt Cook

Question #8: Should we focus more on fasting? Speaker: Dr. Justin Rogers

Question #9: Will only the "church of Christ people" be saved? Speaker: Dr. Kirk Brothers

Question #10: Why is it so hard to overcome sin as a Christian? Speaker: Harrison Chastain

Question #11: Why should I have confidence in prayer? Speaker: Keith Pickard

Question#12: How can you love a sinner like me? Speaker: Jon Paul Gulledge

"Did Jesus always know He was the Messiah?"
"Why do bad things happen to me as a faithful Christian?"
"How do I overcome doubt?"