Mrs. Rehan's News

December 4th, 2015

READ, READ, READ! Don't forget to put it into your December reading log.

  • Thank you to everyone who donated to our Gingerbread Festival. Everyone had such a great time and really created some masterpieces!!
  • Today we got to enjoy a live performance of The Nutcracker Ballet! They really enjoyed watching and were so engaged the WHOLE time!!

Dates To Remember

  • December 17th -Polar Express Day
  • December 18th- Holiday Party and early release day!
  • December 18th- January 4th- Winter Break

Reader's Workshop

This week we started our Jan Brett author study. We spent the first couple days exploring her books and made noticing of things that she does as an author in a lot of her books. We will be studying her until winter break and doing a lot of fun activities surrounding her books! Feel free to explore her website with your student and watch the videos or let them do some coloring pages!

Writer's Workshop

We are continuing our unit on opinion books. We have started writing our second and third pieces and they just keep getting better! We focused on our leads and endings this week and studied how published authors come up with fun and exciting leads to make us want to read more of their book. Next week we will spend more time on the structure of our books to make sure we are using capitols correctly, adding punctuation, putting spaces between our words and much more!


This week in math we practiced building and filling hexagons using different shapes. We also spent a couple of days exploring weight with a balance and testing out classroom objects.

Sight Words

Please work with your student on the following words:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five
  • six
  • seven
  • eight
  • nine
  • ten

All of quarter one and two sight words should be reviewed at random times just to make sure they don't forget!