This Week w/ Ms. Werth

January 11th - January 22nd

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Science Center Field Trip

Thanks so much for your support in providing us with enough chaperones to make our Science Center field trip wonderful! If you are one of the chaperones, please plan to meet us at the Science Center at 8:45am. We plan to enjoy the Planetarium as well as the exhibits while we're there and should be ready to leave by 11:15am in order to return to school. Students will need a lunch to eat in the classroom when we arrive back at Blackburn (therefore, you, the parent, will not need to bring a lunch for yourself since we will not be eating at the Science Center this year).

Math and Science

This week in math we are still reviewing converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, as well as adding and subtracting both. In addition, this week I have started to introduce equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions (which can be a bit challenging for fourth graders, so please continue to stress to them the importance of asking for help when needed).

This week in science we continued our study of the interactions amongst the Earth, the sun, and the moon. Additionally, students were able to delve into the lunar cycle and we illustrated each phase of the moon and discussed the placement that creates that specific phase using a short Discovery Ed. clip and an interactive website through the University of Manchester. Ideally, this will prepare students for our Science Center Planetarium field trip and the activity the guide at the Planetarium will complete with our students next Friday (Jan. 22nd).

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The Leader in Me

Having now successfully spent a week working with each habit individually, we are now proceeding to begin integrating all seven habits into our daily school lifestyle when and where appropriate. Congratulations to Michael and Isabela for being recognized as our examples of leaders - great job ladies!
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Important Dates

  • Monday, Jan. 18th - Holiday - No School
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Teacher Workday
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20th - Teacher Workday
  • Friday, Jan. 22nd - Science Center Field Trip (bagged lunches are needed)
  • Monday, Jan. 25th - Report Cards
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26th - Jump Rope for Heart (School-wide in gym @ 1:30)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16th - School-wide Lego Night (more info to come later)
  • Tuesday, April 12th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip*

*This is a little further out, but some parents have asked about our Grandfather Mountain field trip (which will require 4-5 parent chaperons per class with current background checks - please contact the office to check on whether or not we have a background check on file for you or if you need the paperwork to complete one prior to our trip).

Connect with Ms. Werth

Please note that email is my preferred form of communication and assures you, the parent, of the quickest possible response. Rest assured, that should you wish to contact me via another method, I will respond as soon as time permits. Thank you!